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Why should I hire a professional translator?

As in any other profession, the more seasoned the professional, the better the final result will be. A professional translator—full time translator—invests in his business as you invest in yours. A professional translator has software to help him/her in the course of the translation, keep consistency with the terminology, build glossaries, etc. A professional translator invests in dictionaries and research resources because his/her work depends on it.

When dealing with other markets, you want to be sure your text does not have an accent. If one of your concerns is the appropriate use of a specific terminology, any translator would be glad to use a glossary supplied by the customer. Other than that, translating is a time consuming task. If you are not worried about the time spent by your employee in the translation instead of working in his area of expertise, and if you are sure he/she will produce a professional result, go ahead.

If you are looking for professional translators, please visit the directory of translators of the American Translators' Association. Nelson is a STIB/CTTIC (Canada) & ATA (USA) Certified Portuguese to English translator and an Accredited Court Interpreter with the Attorney General of BC. Isabella is a STIBC/CTTIC (Canada) & ATA (USA) Certified Portuguese to English translator, a VCC Certified Health Interpreter, and a Conference Interpreter accredited with the Government of Canada.

ATA - American Translators Association
STIBC - Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC (Canada)
CTTIC - Canadian Translators, Terminologists & Interpreters Council

VCC - Vancouver Community College, BC, Canada

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